Was Being Cut A Good Thing?

Hey There! My name is Alesha! This is my 6th post on Medium. I totally forgot to pay homage to where I started on other blogs that I’m on. I decided to post Medium versions of those first blog posts. I thought I wanted to save these for a future book. These posts were from 2014, just a little FYI.

Photo Credit Goes To Lee Pearson.

Again looking at the Paul George injury is letting me see things in a different perspective. I actually saw both the Kevin Ware injury and Paul George injury. Very gruesome. :(

I honestly think at this point those high school basketball coaches did me a favor. Thank you for saving me from that path. Putting yourself out there like that increases your risk of getting injured. You don’t expect to walk out on the court expecting to get injured. But in the back of your mind, you know it could happen. My life could have went a whole different direction and I could have been a sports player. Let’s just say I did indeed get on my high school basketball team and succeeded with that. No telling. But I’m not complaining because things turned out the way they were supposed to.

I did get some great basketball offers without playing high school basketball, in fact some girls didn’t even get basketball scholarships at all and they were playing on the team. I didn’t say anything at the time, but this is one time where I amazed myself. This was the hidden charm, the gold mine I never talked about. Someone out there was looking out for me and saw me. For that I thank you. This is a mystery that’s a miracle.

One time, I was playing in the high school gym and the president asked me “Why don’t you play basketball, you’re really good.” I did not tell him because I didn’t want to start anything, but my mom told me I should have spoke up (I do speak up and have way more backbone nowadays). But I’m speaking up: the reason why I didn’t play Mr. President was because I was cut. I was made to believe that if I would have gotten a spot on the team if I completed two weeks of tryouts. I was lied to. I learned early in life that life is unfair.

Moral of the story? Know if you are being treated unfairly or being cut due to politics, there’s a reason for it. I even had a girl who
confessed to me way back when who got on the team that I was a better basketball player than she will ever be and she was sorry that I didn’t get on the team. I also challenged some girls on the team to one on one during our freshman gym class and they never took me up on it. I asked to improve myself as a ball player (and I was hoping the same would happen to them). I also asked for some friendly competition, I wasn’t being cocky guaranteeing I was going to win. I will never know because like I said, they didn’t want to and always walked away. :( Were they that afraid of getting embarrassed? They made the team. I didn’t. They had nothing to lose by playing me. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. I have nothing against those girls. Honestly. I’ve always had love. ❤

Basketball is not main priority in my life like it used to be. If I want to play again, I’ll need to practice. I keep my college basketball recruitment letters because I ultimately got the last laugh (and got into my first choice, which ended up being interesting). Now, music, acting, modeling is my main squeeze. I work on that 24/7.

Photo Credit Goes To Lee Pearson.

I’m (as of 8/11/2014) also a pledge trainer (another cool quick story? I was dropped from recruitment. Now I’m in charge of the thing that dropped me, which is recruitment, rush and pledge training. It’s crazy how much the tables can turn around if you believe. I would like to thank that formal recruitment forever and a day for getting rid of me. It was a painful experience but I have people in my life now that I wouldn’t trade for the world. God’s plan was bigger than mine, and the girls that I admired in this sorority that I wanted to get into so badly ended up not being real friends to me. Thank you God for putting the best people ever in my life and getting rid of the rotten apples). I have to believe that things in my life worked the way they did for a reason. I know if it didn’t happened that way, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I’m comfortable enough with it to write about it. I can put it out and I can take it.

Michael Jordan got cut from his high school basketball team and ended up being one of the greatest basketball players of our time. (Several have said the best basketball player ever. It depends on who you ask). I’m honored to be in the same company. To be cut and end up being that successful? I’m game. If you never failed. You never lived.


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