What Dragon Ball Animation & Manga Spin-Offs Would You Like To See Toriyama Make?

I’ve watched Dragon Ball since I was 12. I’m a saga and Toonami person. Arc is still growing on me. Photo credit above is to CBR.


Yes I want both the Manga and Anime.

Because Quora likes to delete a lot of what I write lol.. I’m responding to the question on here. I liked how Super put more day to day life scenarios in the series. And definitely want them to keep that up.

My List.

  • The Saiyan Tuffle War
  • The Legend Of Yamoshi The Saiyan God.
  • Gohan’s High School Days
  • Gohan & Videl’s Wedding (Including flashbacks to dates, vulnerable moments, proposal, announcement of wedding date, and backstory of Videl’s mom)
  • The Arrival of Baby Pan
  • Super Saiyan Pan (*Hopefully she eventually transforms in the main story line one day)
  • The Origin Of Hit The Assassin
  • Adventures of The Universe 6 Saiyans
  • Belmond’s Pride Trooper Days
  • Jiren’s Childhood (Tournament Of Power made me want to learn more about his childhood)
  • How Beerus & Champa Became Gods
  • Trunks & Mai
  • Future Trunk’s New Life In A New Timeline
  • The other universes & where did they go? Can they be brought back with the Super Dragon Balls?
  • Galactic Patrol Adventures
  • Cell’s Hell
  • Nappa & Raditz’s Hell
  • Grandpa Gohan, Ox King’s and Master Roshi’s Younger Days
  • Broly & Friends
  • Babysitting Bulla
  • Top The Destroyer God
  • The Childhood Of The Prince Of All Saiyans, Vegeta. He would have a great backstory.
  • Android 17’s Family Life
  • Bulla’s Untapped Saiyan Potential: The Princess Of All Saiyans
  • Berry Kahn (He’s a jerk but hot as hell.)
  • Xicor, Goku’s 3rd Son
  • Arrival of Baby Goten
  • Goten & Valese
  • Gine & Bardock
  • The History Of Moro
  • Tarble
  • Either redo GT or add to it. Add a manga to it to make it legit. Or make a whole new series and have characters talk about GT as a side story (since we can transform into Super Saiyan Gods, we won’t need SS4 as much. Baby was a challenging foe. Pan,remember when you, me and Trunks went on all those adventures. Super 17 is hotter than you by yourself). My only complaint is that it’s too short. The ending of GT was wonderful, and can even continue without Goku the way it was post cell saga. In this video it suggests that Goku became a God of some sort, and can go along perfectly with the fact he reaches Super Saiyan God Level in Super anyways.
  • I’d like to explore what happens in the 100 years after GT starting after Goku absorbs the dragon balls up to the point where Goku Jr and Vegeta Jr appears, explained below. While it isn’t necessary anymore, I still tell newer fans to watch it, it enhances your DB experience.
  • Potentially redo the end of Z (World Peace Saga) or make enough Super episodes leading up to the World Peace Saga, play Super and Z side by side and afterwards so it makes sense. They could continue Super with Goku training Ubb. If that somehow ends up being the case I’ll take it off my spinoff list.
  • A version of Dragon Ball Centuries-Where
  1. Goku Jr. finally grows a pair, and it could be the next protagonist for the next “100 year phase” of the dragon ball franchise, along with Vegeta Jr. Goku Jr is not the wimp that we saw in Hero’s Legacy, and he actually makes fun of himself for the way he was during that time. Dragon Ball it’s self could repeat itself easily.
  2. Yes Goku makes appearances from time to time mentoring his descendant. Vegeta does the same with Vegeta Jr. Vegeta and Goku competes in the afterlife over which descendant will have the edge over the other.
  3. We can also see the other Z heroes in the afterlife together occasionally looking down on their descendants but not interfering too much unless the earth is in dire trouble. They also have the option of coming back to earth for a day at a time. However, none of them want to really be wished back because every one they know and love are currently living life in the afterlife together. Whis, Lord Beerus, the kais, etc hangs out with them too.
  4. Since Pan got killed in the fan series Dragon Ball Centuries (sidenote they can come up with another way she kicks the bucket), maybe they can show her journey to heaven and have everyone meeting her at heavens gates. Omg an emotional reunion of everyone that you ever loved? Priceless..
  5. We finally figure out who Goku Jr’s, Vegeta Jr’s and Bulma Leigh’s parents, grandparents and great grandparents are. We finally get the full family tree, from Bardock and King Vegeta on down. Around 2018 I realized that Goku Jr. is the grandson of Pan’s granddaughter. In other words, Goku Jr. is Pan’s great-great grandson and Goku’s 4th great grandson. Prior, I thought that Goku Jr was 1/16 saiyan, and Pan’s grandson.

5a. This mystery is something I’ve been wanting to solve, like yesterday. I appreciate fan series like dragon ball Z absalon fulfilling my fantasies by introducing Pan’s children. Give me something please. Fans been trying to hook up Pan and Ubb for years anyways. I don’t think it ever happened, but it’s cute nevertheless. I rather see Pan with Colm. Regardless, I want to know the missing family members of Goku’s family. All seven generations.

5b. When Gohan was trying to heal Pan’s fever, he considered her a half saiyan, along with a comment mentioned in this article. Is she gonna be considered a honorary hybrid just to keep it interesting? I always saw her as 1/4, without reading into it too much into it. If I missed something let me know lol.

6. Gives both Goku Jr and Vegeta Jr the opportunity to court and have offspring with full blooded saiyans from different universes, hince making sure that there will always be full blooded, hybrids, 3/4 and quarter saiyans to protect the earth. And they can also explore Goku’s and Vegeta’s DNA being spread amongst the human race. Even if they are mostly humans, they can still transform because they are descendants of Goku and Vegeta.

7. Can we also explore how Master Roshi is able to be alive for 100 more years to be around for Goku Jr? Geez what fountain of youth regime he got?

  • Leave it open ended so you can continue the series for years to come. The end of DBZ left it open ended.


What order should you watch the dragon ball series?

A sequel is in development, so I will add to it.

Some other’s lists are spot on to. I watched it in their order and still got the Dragon Ball experience.

Watching History.

I watched Dragon Ball Z, then Dragon Ball, then Dragon Ball Z again then Dragon Ball GT without the movies.

After GT I watched the movies. All out of order. Oh lawdz.

For the longest time, it was Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT. No movies.

That changed of course.

At the time of this writing (June 2020), I just got through watching Super, and I’m currently on Dragon Ball Heroes. I’m reading the Moro Manga too.

I’ll publish one with Kai later on. Kai represents the manga better. And one if you are a long time fan and manga reader, you may enjoy Kai. I like the filler and all the unnecessary stuff, so I’m sticking with Z, but you are more than welcome to watch Kai, depends on your personal preference.

*If you can, read the Manga first. I prefer to watch the anime, but recently after watching Super, I decided to start looking at the manga, with the very first Dragon Ball episode along with the Moro manga.

*Are all the movies necessary aka canon? No, but it enhances your DB experience. You don’t have to go on Spring Break, but you do anyways! I include Dragon Ball Movies and GT.

*You could really watch Super instead of Battle Of The Gods and Resurrection F, but I include them.

*If you are watching or rewatching as a long time Dragon Ball fan, watch Father Of Goku & Episode Of Bardock first. If not, do not and watch it in this order. It contains spoilers you don’t understand if you are are first timer.

*GT for a long time was supposed to be Z’s sequel. Then Super comes along. Super begins before Z ends. After reading a couple of other ways to watch it the series, the ending of Z may be “reconned" or redone one day. We’ll see!

My List:

Dragon Ball: Curse Of The Blood Rubes

Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess In Devil’s Castle

Dragon Ball- Mystical Adventure

Path to Power. (Hm. It was for a while the last theatrically released Dragon Ball Movie until they released Battle Of The Gods In 2013. It re-tells the story of the original Dragon Ball anime. I’ve seen lists where they watch this before GT. I add this to my Dragon Ball Movie list.)

Dragon Ball Z: Deadzone

(Ignore that they meet Gohan in the movie and pretend you meet him first in Z, lol)

Dragon Ball Z: Episodes 1 to 35

Dragon Ball Z Movie: The World’s Strongest

Dragon Ball Z Movie: Tree Of Might

Dragon Ball Z Episodes 36-64

Dragon Ball Z Bardock: The Father Of Goku TV Special

Dragon Ball: Episode Of Bardock

Dragon Ball Z Episodes 65 to 71

Dragon Ball Z Movie: Lord Slug

Dragon Ball Z Episodes 72-124

Dragon Ball Z Movie: Cooler’s Revenge

Dragon Ball Z Episodes 124-136

Dragon Ball Z Movie: History Of Trunks TV Special

Dragon Ball Z Episodes 137-174

Dragon Ball Z Movie: Plan To Eradicate The Saiyans

Dragon Ball Z Movie: Return Of Cooler

Dragon Ball Z Movie: Android 13

Dragon Ball Z Movie: Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan

Dragon Ball Z Episodes 175-194

Dragon Ball Z Movie: Bojack Unbound

Dragon Ball Z Episodes 195-207

Dragon Ball Z Movie: Broly Second Coming

Dragon Ball Z Episodes 208-241

Dragon Ball Z Movie: Bio Broly

Dragon Ball Z Episodes 242-264

Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn

Dragon Ball Z Episodes 265-287

Dragon Ball Z Movie: Wrath Of The Dragon

Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return

Remember that Dragon Ball Super begins before Dragon Ball Z ends. Dragon Ball Episode #288 is the last Z episode before the events of Super. The Snake in this episode highly resembles the Snake that Goten and Trunks fight against in the first episode of Dragon Ball Super.

Watch Dragon Ball Z Episode number #288 then

Dragon Ball Super: Battle Of The Gods

Dragon Ball Super: Resurrection F

Dragon Ball Super (You will notice that Battle Of Gods and Resurrection F is basically the same as the first 28 episodes of Super)

Dragon Ball Super: Broly

A SEQUEL IS COMING. WOO. (Moro Arc/Saga? More Super episodes? Gimme!) When it makes money it makes sense. (They said they were gonna stop Toy Story after 3 but did they?)

***To keep myself occupied until the next movie or series comes out, I’m watching Super Dragon Ball Heroes, and getting into the DragonBall and Moro manga here.

Then we switch back to Dragon Ball Z Episode 289. Pan is a baby in Super and Goten and Trunks were still young. In the last episodes of Z they are older, and Pan is 4. It helps me personally by seeing how old they are.

Dragon Ball Z Episodes 289-291

Dragon Ball GT 1-64

In a few lists, it’s suggested Hero’s Legacy should be after Episode 40 since that’s when GT was supposed to end. I put Hero’s Legacy at the end, as this description suggests.

Dragon Ball GT: A Hero’s Legacy

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