What It’s Like Working On Sets During The Pandemic

Fun but nerve wracking.

It’s me trying to balance out my desire to get out but not wanting to get exposed to Covid 19.

*Expect typos. I got up 5:30 am for an acting gig and I can’t see straight. It was so much fun and because they told me they would offer food, I went for it. Of course they are paid gigs-by the way I haven’t booked like this in a while, pandemic or not.

For full disclosure: The only reason why I’m auditioning and accepting bookings is I’m fully vaccinated. In 2020 during the peak of the pandemic I took a major hit. (I’m focusing on just acting and not music and entrepreneurship in this article).

I really want to update my demo reel and portfolio to current work. I booked one acting gig for Friday April 16th, and today, Sunday April 18th. This weekend made my goals come true (with a few more coming, thank goodness.)

I was nervous earlier in the week because I had to get a Covid test on top of a Covid shot. In order to go on set I had to test negative. Thank goodness I did. I hate anything going in my nose and mouth under any circumstance-I have a bad gag reflex. Now that I had it before I know what to expect.

The first gig was at 4:00 pm Friday. The coffee shop was sooo cute! This is a coffee shop I’m going to go to long after that shoot is over.

***Technically did a unofficial 3rd gig. More on that later. I’m not allowed to talk about this on social media.

Second Gig. During my first gig, I got a message for the second. I basically said that I want to get a lot of auditions and bookings this year, so I felt like this is a strong vibe from the universe. I got a real strong urge to go, even when my mom didn’t want me to (we are quarantining together, FYI). Yeah I’m an adult that can make my own decisions, but she’s a mom. There’s recently been a mass shooting in my hometown of Indy, several relatives was killed in car crashes (the case for me not riding with other people), and of course Covid 19. All kinds of fear was being put into me.

I’m trying really hard to trust at some capacity again. We worked together before, and I was excited to work with my friend again. And at this point I’m fully vaccinated so I said yeah.

The night before my nerves was HIGH. I felt like I was gonna throw up. I was also nervous that I wasn’t going to get up on time.

I was going to make myself go, and that was that. I sent in a bunch of prayer requests. I’m not the most religious person in the world, but I wanted help from a higher power. And my buddy Amelia (thank you love).

She came at 5:30 am to get me.

My mom was like why are leaving so early? I told her the lady, aka my filmmaker friend Katelyn was gonna buy me donuts. I’ll accept payment in food. Then out the door I went, no turning back.

It was the best thing I ever did, it was fun.

I got a deeper friendship.

I got all the food I wanted for breakfast and lunch, we got a bunch of great shots, and I met people I haven’t met otherwise. And she knows that she can rely on me if she needs me.

With acting especially, you gotta roll with the punches. Sometimes, no wait many times you will have early mornings and late nights. You gotta just go with the flow-this could be waiting a bit for your scene to be shot. It could be last minute adjustments.

Ok, after I eat I’m going to sleep, again. Night.

It’s 2021 🔥🙌

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