When We Think Of Wealth, Why Do We Think Of Some But Not Others?

I’ve seen some very great stories by a businessman named Paris Dean.

You know when you come across someone that’s not only smart but gets where you are coming from? Paris Dean gets it and gets me more than most of my friends that went to school with me lol. I reached out to him on Facebook August 26th, 2020 and said I love this posts, and would he be ok with me sharing EXACTLY what he wrote? At this point, after reading this and several others, there’s no need for me to write something like this at this time. Have you ever come across something that was so perfectly written that you wish you wrote it yourself? THIS IS IT. And when you done this stuff and can still learn something is when I get really attracted to it.

Without futher ado.

I mean, why is it that when we think about wealth, we instinctively think about people like Queen Elizabeth, Gates, Rockefeller and the Royal family and not Mansa Musa? 🤔


Story time!

In the 18th century the 3 King Georges (from the German side of the Royal Family; George I, George II and George III) were SO bad with money (how bad were they?!) they wasted the entire Royal family fortune and King George III had to pawn the family’s land to the government in exchange for a set amount of taxpayer money in the form of an annual “allowance” just so they could maintain their image.

That’s known as the “Sovereign Grant”, and the Royal Family got something like $80M from it last year.

...but Black women get drug through the mud for being on government aid?

Oh, because I thought a person with a powdered wig and “appropriated” jewels said something.

And speaking of appropriating things.

There’s so many “great books to read posts” on Medium that instead of creating a whole separate article, I’m gonna put them at the bottom of my articles.

Millionaire Next Door By Thomas J. Stanley


They investigate how people get wealthy and found those who drive luxurious cars and live in affluent neighborhoods often don’t have a large amount of wealth, because they spend it on status. They are usually in debt from keeping up with the Joneses. Wealth isn’t how much you can spend, but the assets you accumulate.- Jessica Lynn

  • Wealth isn’t how much money you spend, but the assets you accumulate overtime.
  • Most millionaires are new money-they didn’t inherit it.
  • You don’t have to be smart to be rich.
  • As the old quote says, don’t judge a book by it’s cover and don’t judge a person by the car they drive.
  • If you live paycheck to paycheck you’re not rich. Being wealthy is financial independence.
  • If you spend everything you earn, that’s not wealthy-that mean you are a slave to your things.

Millionaire Traits

  • They live below their means aka they don’t spend all the money they earn.
  • They drive normal cars. They don’t go overboard on the expensive tennis shoes. They don’t wear clothes that draw a lot of attention.
  • They are good at recognizing opportunities and jumping on them.
  • They don’t care about keeping up with the joneses. They care more about the freedom and independence wealth provides them.
  • They have their own businesses/self employed
  • They make their own investment choices.
  • They have so much dough they don’t have to work for years. Some don’t have to work for the rest of their lives, and this leaves them time to participate in causes that mean a lot to them.

Have I seen people inherit money and become rich? Sometimes. Have I seen a few here and there get the Lamborghini? Of course. But the list above hits the target.

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