Why Most Of Your Family & Friends Don’t Support Your Music

Part III.

If you haven’t done so already, read part 1 and part 2.

It will make more sense and you will be able to follow what I’m saying if you do.

Myth #1. That millions of Spotify streams mean you’re a millionaire.

If you can get the millions of streams, definitely go for it. It’s definitely good for social proof and clout. But does it really bring in the dough though?

What the two artists above and several others pretty much confirmed what I knew all along: Spotify is great to get new fans, and a great way to be discovered (who wouldn’t want 100 million streams on a song or two, or a project, or most of your projects) but you won’t make that much money off it.

I know many artists that are doing great in the streaming arena, (they get 10,000 streams a week, or have a song with 500,000 streams) but they are still working regular jobs.

Insider Tip: I NEVER rely on a single income stream. Find a way to have multiple income streams.

It involves thinking outside the box, but this is where the making money in your sleep and “financial freedom” words get thrown around.

My personal favorites (and this list expands yearly).

  • Patreon. Did you know that people support creators directly? I could get 100,000 spotify streams or YouTube views. What if someone wants to support you monthly? What if you can get 20+ fans to pay you $500 a month instead? What if you could get 25 people to pay you $1000 month? Or 1000 people to pay you $5 dollars a month? It happens on patreon. Think about it for a minute. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, you can receive $18 per 1,000 ad views. This equates to $3 - $5 per 1000 video views. Do the math on your end (25 fans ×500) and come up with your own conclusions. Who’s getting over in your opinion? Imagine if you had both the stopify streams, YouTube views and patreon supporters working together as a trio? Lawd have mercy.

Some friends keep trying to get me into network marketing aka mlms, but buying products I don’t need every month and recruiting others is not for me.

Myth #2: That you have to be famous to be successful.

I touched on this one before. Nope, you can earn a living from your music/acting/your creative work here/ and be in peace. There’s plenty of unknowns that’s doing well!

The older I get, the more famous and semi famous circles I run in being in LA and NYC, the less appealing I find fame (I may re word that later).

Insider Tip: Go to places where the environment cultivates and enriches your career with fiji water instead of water from the tap. I got tired of guys in my hometown trying to “wife" me and put the make on me. I started going to cities where making music is the norm (Nashville, Chicago, Los Angeles, NYC) and where it’s more professional. Being a lady you gotta watch your back ANYWHERE, but I do find I get way more music projects and auditions in those areas.

Go to different music festivals and get to know other cultures outside your own. This will enhance your life full of rich experiences.

Myth #3: That people with large social media are making money.

I took a screen shot from a recent webinar I attended.

I know some successful people with big followings. But it’s not ALWAYS THE CASE.

I also know people with smaller social media followings that are doing great.

I also know people with millions of followers that are struggling.

One size doesn’t fit all.

As some would say, life isn’t perfect, but the photos you post on social media can be. Lol.

Myth #4. That you can rely just on social media.

Ok, so I’m gonna go back to the webinar again.

Problems with relying on just social media.

  • When they update, yes they do change the algorithm so less fans see your posts. I have noticed a recent dip in Facebook Page views/insights in recent years.


That’s why I get excited for my artist friends that are getting numbers in their own way-when they get those streams, views, etc.

To engage this many people feels amazing. It’s something all artists should experience once in their lives. And it can take form in different ways.

It could be the energy you get off stage after performing for 100,000 people for the first time.

It could be getting a song or album to 1 million streams on spotify. (Or your first 10,000 streams.)

It could be befriending a famous superstar (with the right intentions of course) and becoming well-connected in a blink of an eye. And having thousands of people all of sudden interested in your art.

It could be going gold or platinum.

It could be charting.

It could be selling out your tour or merch.

Getting back to the picture.

But does Myspace exist anymore? EXACTLY.

Well wait. I did do a Google search on it today. It’s lookin quieter over there nowadays.

My numbers are still there, but my page doesn’t look as sexy.

Could I have a million fans on Facebook? Sure, I’m already verified. I rather have a million emails.

Could I have 100,000 spotify streams? Sure. I prefer 100,000 emails.

When you have emails, you control your own traffic and destiny and will still have ways to communicate with your fans. Numbers don’t lie and it may mean clout and recognition, but you also want to be able to bullet-proof your business so you can handle anything.

If social media shuts down, you will be cool still because you have emails.

I learned that after Myspace lol.

Myth #5 That if you don’t chart/get #1 hits your music isn’t worth it.

I listen to plenty of non famous musicians that deserve more recognition than they get. Many of them haven’t charted, haven’t won a grammy and so on. But it doesn’t make them any less of an artist. Art is art.

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