Why Social Constructs Will Never Define Me

Alesha Peterson
4 min readJun 2, 2018


Me at Miami Beach With Some of My Best Buds!

Hello! I just realized that I have a lot of drafts that are stuck in my inbox. I decided to start clearing my inbox and start writing regularly again.

Warning: Not fully finished and a very short article, with a lot of errors, but I hope you get the point! I made a few quick edits with this one so you can at least understand what I was trying to write.

“There’s got to be a voice deep within you that is untouched by definitions. And it is there that you become divinely who you are. And that is the one gift I plant in every young person in Central Falls, is that your dreams are absolutely much bigger and untouched by your circumstances.”-Viola Davis

Hey Viola! I like what you said during CBS this morning. So good that I searched for your quote for hours, finally found it, and worked on this post for a few months. Central Falls sounds like a cool place!

There’s too many people that let others talk them out of living the life of their dreams.

How are you supposed to know to go against cultural conditioning unless you are aware of them?

I never let people make me a victim, or make me the victim they wanted me to be.

Did you know despite what I’ve done, there’s people from my past that will still see me the same way? Hell they probably turn me into the tabloids for a price.

And guess what, it’s ok! I’m doing it for me, not for them!

Being in my twenties, I’ve been getting these comments:

Awe, you look so young,

You look too young to be pursuing a music career.

I’ll tell u something I’ve learnt about life, once u play by societies standards and accustom yourself to the norms of what society or people want..you are gonna end up in a deadlock..u gonna end up restricted, you gonna end up another casualty of someone else’s expectations. Live life to please yourself and your will..what is late? What is a time limit? Endeavors aren’t limited by lifespans, they are limited by will and drive..age is relative..if at 80 you feel the talent and hunger in you and u have the resources to follow your heart.. DO IT..nothing should stop u but yourself..what people seem to forget is that with age comes the wisdom to make better decisions concerning your life and career choice..age should never determine your will to do something..talent and the reception of that talent should..remember that”

-Crispin Sokuu

The first thing I think is are they f***** kidding? I’m not trying to be mean, but I’ve heard some stupid shit in my life.

Since when should I leave things to fate? No matter what I look like or my age, do you really think crossing my legs and singing kumbaya will guarantee me success? HELL NO!

I’ve actually been into music since I was 8. I started my first business at 12. YOU ARE NEVER TOO YOUNG TO START, THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING TO LEARN. Well maybe 1 .

So lets pretend I was as young as they thought I was. Does this mean I should have thrown away my dreams? Of course not. I ignore people when they say things like that to me.

Hello There! I’ve been involved in different businesses in several different capacities from being ceo, coo, co-founder, and more. I’ve learned so much from creating businesses, and I look forward to all the learning experiences I will have from starting new ventures.

With one business I was involved with, we made it possible to install a little device with customized hardware and a SaaS solution implemented to the router, the business owner was able see live data about social media info collected.

With another company, we had professional internet marketing company that focus on digital marketing campaigns, services and jobs such as SEO, PPC, Online Reputation Management, and social media marketing.

With EYT, I oversaw day-to-day operations and keeping the CEO apprised of significant events;Yes I actually talk with my business partner on a daily basis. I created operations strategy and policies; Communicated strategy and policy to employees and interns; Fostering employee alignment with corporate goals; and overseeing human resource management. I also delegate tasks to my team.

My current project is Bones’ Custom Guitar. We create custom guitars for musicians with imported wood. No one Bones’ guitar is the same. We also repair guitars. Jared, my band mate came up with the idea and foundation for Bones’.

Long story cut short. I’ve been playing gigs and booking shoots. My go to guitar, Blu Blu broke during this. When I went to get it repaired in Indy getting it fixed cost way more than the actual cost of the guitar.

It didn’t seem right. After talking with other musicians in Indianapolis, Chicago, Nashville and other cities for second opinions they thought the shop was trying to pull a fast one. So our mission is to offer fair prices for repairs and custom guitars for fellow musicians.

We are both Indy & LA based.

My biggest project currently? I’m also involved in entertainment as an actress, founder, and producer. We are currently producing 2 film projects with one of them having 1 million in financing.



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