Why The Successful Are Douchebags

In an serious attempt to clear out my email from my hospital stay, I’m going to write on the articles that have came into my inbox. Here we go. (I won’t forget to delete the emails too lol).

In a Neil Patel post called Why Successful People Are Douchebags, he explains how successful people didn’t give him time of day at first and he thought they were douchebags. Just like the question he asked in his article, when you come across a successful douchebag, do you know how to compose yourself?

He makes several good points.

Sure, a few of these well-off entrepreneurs you meet are douchebags, but the majority of them are actually nice and humble people.

Yes, very true. I notice since moving up in different circles, I have ran into the nice ones, and the not so nice ones. A recent run in with a not so nice one? In the Real Estate world, I approached a guy, I’ll call him Martin. I wanted to ask his opinion on a article. He brushed me completely off before I had a chance to explain.

I overheard him telling someone else“email him” later.

What bothered me so much? It was the fact that he thought I was trying to get something off of him. I wanted to tell the guy so bad that I don’t want your money because I want to earn my own. But I do understand that people do hit you up trying to get things off you when you have money, but my dude, I was not one of them.

Do some of them have an arrogant streak and get the big head? Sure. But I assure you most of them are humble people. I did get feedback about my article from other people in his circle by the way. Which leads to Patel’s next point.

They rarely show off their wealth. You won’t see them bragging about themselves on the social web, and they truly enjoy helping other people.

This is so true. I know of a dude that still drives a Toyota and he has deep pockets. I’m talking about Billionaire Boys Club pockets.

This has definitely rubbed off on me. I never want to rub it in anyone’s face what I have. I also want to share it with people who really supported my journey. Unfortunately, there are people that only come around when you have something they want.

They may come off as arrogant or unapproachable at first because they have their guards up. These people get hit up every day by people like you, asking for their help or asking for their money.

I notice some people hate successful people, but do you know how much people try to ask them for money? Instead of hating on them, why not learn what they did so you can do something similar? Just a thought. How would you feel if someone kept coming around you only to ask you for something?

I remember a guy asking me for money for a bus pass, and I said no. After it happened to me several times, it started to get on my nerves.

I’ve noticed some people do mistake my kindness for weakness, it has happened to me all my life. The perception they appear to have is that I’m nice, I look nice, I’m a woman, I look young, and young=stupid. I will admit that when some homeless people ask me for money or try to guilt me into giving them money, I get annoyed. I can’t lie. I’m not suggesting it’s weak to ask for help. I’m just suggesting that people help themselves first. I have to say that since being in the hospital, I haven’t been able to work and I’m still trying to find creative ways to earn income. They have 100% of their health, why can’t they earn their way? I would love to get off my butt but I’m recovering so I can’t. Move your legs lol. Which leads to another Patel point.

Just think about all the homeless people who have begged you for money. You probably got so used to it that you ignore each and every one of them now.

Neil makes several good points, go check out the article.

Do I think the successful are douchebags? No. I’m pretty sure you opened up this post because of the title right? Yes.

Hello! I’m Alesha! I’m a musician, actress, entrepreneur and writer and recent hospital patient (I still can’t believe that is real). Follow on Twitter. If you like what I’m writing, give me a heart and share! :) I like hearts.

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Howdy! Entrepreneurship, fitness, music, acting, real estate, tequila & investing is sexy. Idea for an article? Suggestions wanted! https://bit.ly/AleshasTribe