Why This Is Not A Surprise. This Is The School I’ve Always Known.

When I first saw this on television, I wasn’t surprised. Honestly, I wondered why people were so surprised. Welcome to the Purdue I’ve always known! Many of the incidents are subtle, and I can’t imagine what exchanges some students deal with that we don’t hear about.

I’ve met plenty of sweethearts there that I love. And we have to be careful to say that everyone is the same way, because no they are not.

This is too big to ignore.

It was a matter of time before Purdue’s true colors come out. I knew that it would be a matter of time before these incidents would get news coverage. If I were to admit to how many racist things happened while I was there, you would be reading this article all freaken day. I usually don’t post long statuses on Facebook about racist incidents, because they mainly happened in college, and it doesn’t happen to me too much anymore. I do take the time to talk to people in person. I may or may not publish a post later on down the line about some of my experiences. We will see. :) I wrote a few already, but if you want a preview of what I have in mind, go here.

According to Dave Bangert’s article, the fact that the fliers showed up just as more than 600 faculty and staff members published a letter calling out hate, bias and xenophobia at Purdue wasn’t lost on anyone. The letter reiterated a push for Purdue President Mitch Daniels to make a stronger statement against “experiences of exclusion and marginalization … (that) have only heightened in wake of the election of a president-elect who launched a campaign based on anti-immigrant, racist and xenophobic sentiment.”

Daniels has been hesitant to speak out against this.

Reading the dozen or so words on the posters in question, it’s not at all clear what they mean,” “But if one looks behind them, as I did, to the organization’s website, there are views expressed there that are obviously inconsistent with the values and principles we believe in here at Purdue. This is a transparent effort to bait people into overreacting, thereby giving a minuscule fringe group attention it does not deserve, and that we decline to do.”

I’ve met Mitch Daniels in person a while back. Very cordial guy in person! Ironically, he asked me about my experiences at Purdue. BUT. He’s not going to come out with a stronger statement against this anytime soon. I hate to say that.

I will speak out against this and say that this is not ok. I’m happy to see people speaking out against this. I haven’t been on Facebook in a while so I don’t know what the dialogue has been.

I didn’t let none of the racist professors stop me from doing the things I’m doing today. If you are dealing with hate and racism up there, I’m sorry! :( I wish we didn’t live in a world like this, but we do! If anyone is telling you that you can’t do something because of your race, gender or sexual preference, please don’t listen to them!

I get college letters asking for donations all the time, and guess where they go? In the trash. I won’t financially support a school where I hear that some my friends isn’t welcomed over skin color or their religion. I can’t support a school where I still hear the LGBT community is still discriminated against. I moved on because there’s no way I wanted to hang around a racist campus, or a campus where I saw others experiencing hate. Getting back to the main point, I need to see administrators say white supremacy is unacceptable, because it is unacceptable.

What I really desired?

What I desired was like-minded people that I can add value to. I’ve found that and haven’t looked back.

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