You Don’t Have To Be Popular Or Famous To Be Successful. I’m Neither

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After high school or even college, how popular you are really doesn’t matter. It’s how you treat people.

As I reflect on my 20s, I had a conversation with my mom on my 10 year high school reunion. I never considered myself popular in high school. I didn’t care about being popular being the only child. I just didn’t care about the hype or fitting in. I wasn’t a cliquish person then, still not one now. But I knew people, people knew me. And they knew where I stood.

The Lou Pearlman's and watching crime shows makes me slow to trust people. As much as I “supposedly” need a team navigating the music industry, I really had enough of some guys wanting a piece OR fronting appearances for clout OR taking more photos but not spending as much time in the studio.

I had several friends here and there that cared for my well-being, but if you read past blog posts, many people seem to get a thrill trying to kicking me down and keep up with what I was doing way too much in my humble opinion. I was cut from a different cloth and they were jealous of that (and probably still are, I moved far away from all of them so I don’t run into them.) Read these blog posts for more details.

So I:

Didn’t fit in. Check.

Went against the status quo. Check.

Rose above stereotypes. Check.

So we got that covered.

I basically covered everything in the following articles:

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But here’s two more points that I’ve may have covered before, but I’ll touch on again.

If you notice that artists give you the cold shoulder in your city?

#1 They may find that you are not worth the time

because #2 If people can’t use you they don’t want to be bothered.

I find that I have more like-minded people online sometimes then in real life. People like Steve Bello on Medium and surprisingly a lot more people on Youtube.

I had a conversation with Batphink Reynolds on YouTube.

Alesha I just read your article on ‘Why Friends Don’t Support Your Music’ I found it at random.It makes perfect sense I agree.Those that you suggest you collaborate with who blew you off,nevermind them. You have a lovely rich voice kind of retro if you don’t mind me saying- a good thing .Good Luck sweety keep it coming and never let anyone squash your dreams. I write too but nothing on YT yet,I’m on reverbnation and soundcloud :) Sorry to ramble!

Joey+Rory-When I’m Gone (Alesha

My reply:

Batphink Reynolds Thanks for your thoughtful comments and thanks for reading! I appreciate you! I left Indy’s music scene a while ago and it’s the best thing I’ve done. I don’t think about them lol. I just wanted to share my story to say you don’t have to be famous or a “favorite” to earn a living. If you ever need a supportive shoulder I gotcha covered! Ramble away, I’ll be a listening ear!

I basically told him I don’t care about them blowing me off. I expect it to happen because I know how people are. I’m not overly braggy. I don’t display all my connections, travels and all the people I know. One time my mom and a friend was like “you should show more of what you got and let the people see even more”. For what? To attract the fakes and people I haven’t talked to in 10 years?

Here’s my thing: if you can’t or don’t like me for me, I rather not be around them anyways. There’s a time to reveal, and definitely not right now.

There’s would be so many ready to hop on the bandwagon if they knew I was so and so friend. Like many of my friends, I want to get to know you organically. We didn’t connect because I’m some superstar’s friend. We connected over being human. I’d hate for people to try to get next to me right now because of someone I know. I like my peace and I rather them keep their distance.

Since removing and not really caring about my hometown scene, I surprisingly found new and more collaborators in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago (and other random places likeMichigan and Pennsylvania).

I hate to admit to keep things moving, I had to look into mixing and mastering my own music. I HATE MASTERING AND MIXING. Did it for a project before and I WANTED TO CUT MY WRISTS. Shit.

Since it’s 2020, a new decade 🔥🙌 I’ve decided to slightly change how I sign off.

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