Your Dreams Are Worthy!

Alesha Peterson
2 min readJan 16, 2017


Dreams Do Come True!

Here’s a little reminder that all your dreams
are worth pursuing, no matter how big or small:

Everyone has dreams. Some dreams are bigger than others. But ALL DREAMS are worthy!

They can be anything such as wanting to be famous; starting a family; winning the lottery; going on a luxurious vacation; having a bigger house; getting a puppy; or doing well on your next exam.

As you pursue your dreams, you become an inspiration to others.

Why? Because you are being true to your own heart and you’re aligning with what you are passionate about and what is meaningful for you, personally.

Unfortunately, many people become too scared to start or continue on the path of pursuing their dreams.

But right now, you have an opportunity to allow the Universe to show others (and yourself) that some dreams are worth the effort, commitment, perseverance through roadblocks and sometimes even a little pain, sadness and tiresome days of fear.

What a powerful motivator it is to know that when others watch you fulfill your dreams, this gives them the strength and courage to start or continue the path to achieving their own.

You are a conduit for the Universe to express and expand itself in the physical world — in the form of your magnificent dreams being realized.

Allow the Universe to showcase the pursuit of your dreams to others.

Allow the active pursuit of your dreams to inspire others to begin doing the same.

We are all extensions of Universal Source Energy.

And when we follow our dreams, the Universe expands itself through us.

Now THAT’S inspiring!



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