Zigging and Zagging In Business

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When you can understand how people’s lingo, you can create a genuine connection, instead of trying to sell at them. Who wants to deal with a sales person? You make yourself different by understanding your market and audience. Conforming is easy. When you’re the same as everyone else, you do not stand out. DO you think in business, it pays to be like everyone else? Unless you don’t like making money, sure! Or do you want to be the person making change to the point where you don’t need a quick buck?

By picking a niche, you stand out from everyone else. Your ideal client/customers are front and center.

The Keys To Zigging and Zagging In Business

  1. Don’t Focus On The Money, Focus On The Client: Instead of maximizing short-term profit, provide so much value that they would be happy to pay you long term. Do you see why? Short term, you might lose out on profits. But long term, you could earn way more by adding way more value. You won’t have to pressure no one to buy your business because they will WANT to join (and it will be their own idea to join).
  2. Validate Your Idea By Asking For Feedback From Potential Clients: Before spending thousands of dollars on a business without knowing it will work out (and increase your chances of losing money) gather feedback from early potential customers first. Add a form to a website collect emails from people who would be interested in your idea, and ask in person. Ask friends and family only if they are interested (if they are not in your target audience, don’t worry about them). Ask your potential customers what problems they see with your idea.
  3. Write Down Everything. Write down the problems they have. If you have enough people with the same problem, you could be the solution to their problem by creating the business that solves it. For example, if they said “I wish someone would create this because it’s such a hassle.” For example, someone approached us (a group of entrepreneurs) and asked us to create an alternate to Paypal because they been having so many issues with it. (We did tell tell them about Square and Stripe). He said he would be willing to invest in it also. Hm this could be a possibility…

Be original. You might not win the popular award with your friends and family (if they support what you are doing, great! If not keep going!). Sooner or later people will try to jump on the band wagon to be just like you.

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