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I’m a month out from turning 31. Here’s what my dirty 30 year has really been like.

Honestly, it’s been some good and some bad.

I didn’t celebrate the dirty 30 how I wanted, so I did a watered down version of it. Due to losing people to coronavirus, I didn’t feel comfortable going out to bars or celebrating. For my 32nd (HOPEFULLY THE VIRUS IS GONE BY THEN!?!?! Shit.) I may have to pull in a dirty thirty and a dirty thirty one shot.

2 months into being 30, I started losing people. I won’t go into every single person that passed away, but it was literally one person after the other.


Bookings for acting projects took a hit in 2020. But in 2021, I made up for it with two bookings in last weekend (April 16th, and April 18th, 2021). I want to get rid of all my old projects on my demo reel and keep it at 2021 and up.

According to my agents, I still get cast for high school projects because I don’t look my age. On the other hand, my body is in my 30’s now. I got up for a 5:30 am call time and I was tired for days. This is a crossroads because on one hand I look young, but feel the energy drain. I do suspect some of my energy drain might be from all the stresses of losing so many people in my life. I never tell most friends how bad it gets because I told you I personally don’t like burdening people, period.

I LOVE MY GRAY HAIR I’M GETTING! I was gonna highlight my hair, but since it’s doing it naturally, why mess with the process? Because I “look younger” I welcome my gray hair!





*If you added me on Linkedin, or sent me a message, forgive me if I haven’t added you or responded. I really don’t use LinkedIn at this time, because I don’t trust the platform. I’ll log on at some point and respond ASAP.

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I’m giving you my own 101 reasons to stay alive list, by King Red Chest:

2. you’ll never drink your favorite drink again

3. you might one day meet your idol

4. people who care about you will miss you

5. laughing so hard your stomach hurts

6. crying to let it all out and feeling better

7. sitting by a slightly opened window and listening to music with some breeze flowing in is the best thing ever, bonus points if it’s raining

8. you’ll never wear your favorite clothes again

9. sleeping in

10. reading your favorite book

11. you’ll never grow up with your friends

12. flopping onto your bed our couch after an exhausting day

13. trampolines

14. cookies

15. coffee or tea (your preference)

16. getting something new and that feeling of happiness 1

7. rewards for doing good on something

18. your favorite show

19. your favorite game

20. singing in the shower

21. farting when you’re alone and laughing about it

22. the moon

23. the stars

24. activities that entertain you even if you’re not very good at it

25. your favorite scent 26. listening to a song on loop for hours

27. staring into nothingness and thinking about a bunch of nothing

28. the warmth you feel when someone hugs you

29. turning on the ac/fan/getting under the shade in the hot weather

30. cuddling under a blanket in the cold weather

31. dancing when to music when you’re alone

32. sunsets

33. sunrises

34. snow

35. rain

36. your favorite song

37. you’ll miss out on memes

38. watch corona disappear

39. long bus/train/car rides

40. road trips

41. going to the bathroom after holding it in for hours

42. that satisfying feeling when you so much drink water when you’re thirsty to the point you’re full

43. trying out new things

44. hearing birds chirp early in the morning

45. really special events like graduations, weddings, anniversaries, etc.

46. giving gifts

47. receiving gifts

48. when you’re eating butter popcorn and one of them is a lot saltier than any of most of them (same with fries)

49. fireplaces

50. roasting marshmallows

51. s’mores

52. chocolates

53. finding stray animals

54. listening to a new artist and instantly getting hooked to their songs

55. when you’re vacuuming and you hit an extra dusty spot and it makes that crinkling noise

56. eating so much food to the point you feel like you’re about to throw up

57. free things

58. that happiness you feel when you overcome a problem

59. the sigh of relief you do when you guess on a test answer and it ends up being right

60. holidays

61. that funny moment when you keep telling yourself “one more chapter”

62. when you procrastinate something but you’re like “that was easy” when you end up finishing it

63. amusement parks

64. candies

65. when you’re bored and you do absolutely random useless things like trying to get the same side magnets to touch each other

66. learning random useless facts that somehow entertain you

67. that feeling when your heart skips a beat from thinking about something exciting

68. aesthetic things

69. hugging things

70. seeing rainbows after it rains

71. when wind blows in your face and it’s annoying but you find it funny at the same time

72. when you lay down and you instantly feel tired and feel like you’re falling asleep after a long day

73. trying to stay up but you end up failing and you’re mad at first but you laugh about it later on

74. falling leaves

75. cherry blossom trees

76. your favorite animal

77. that scary feeling when you find a spider in your bed and you’re about to catch it but it disappears

78. doing embarrassing things when you’re alone

79. cringing at weird things

80. trying to learn a new culture

81. feeling better about yourself when you find out you’re better than someone at something

82. you weren’t born to entertain people

83. saying witty comebacks (sometimes backfiring but it’s funny in the end)

84. arguing with 8 year old kids

85. those disgusting yet funny moments when you accidentally swallow a bug 86. new technologies

87. feeling nostalgic when you remember old things

88. when you look back at your younger self and realize how much you’ve grown and changed

89. cringing at old things you’ve said and done

90. money

91. random shower thoughts

92. asking yourself extremely random questions like “how many ants are there in the world”

93. when you think you’re failing at something but in the end everything ends up being alright

94. that weird funky smell from new items

95. how hard it is to hold in a smile when your parents embarrass you and they go there’s that smile

96. beautiful artworks that sometimes don’t make sense

97. feeling happy for other people

98. cute animals

99. flowers

100. laughing at your own stupidity and lastly,

101: me :)

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